Tribute to Metal – Poletje v Ankaranu

Tribute to Metal

Saturday, 3 August, at 10 pm - Študent

Cowboys from hell (SLO)
This five-member local band has been together since 2014, brought together by their love of good music, a passion for rocking out and a good party.They play the hits of legendary metal legends, such asPantera, Metallica, Machine Head, Sepultura, Alice in Chains and many others.

Metallica Tribute Black (SRB)
… is a group of experienced musicians who also play in original metal groups. The band members are Steva Mesaroš (James Hetfield), Dejan Ćetković (Lars Ulrich), Draško Pejović (Kirk Hammet) and Miloš Perkučin (Jason Newsted). Don’t miss this excellent Metallica tribute band that won’t leave you hangin’!

Iron Side (SLO)
The members of Iron Side are first and foremost long-term fans of Iron Maiden. They had been connected by the music scene on the coast for many years in one way or the other, then one day – magic happened. Together, they play the greatest hits of their idols, Iron Maiden.

Powerback (SLO)
In 2018, this group of four excellent, seasoned musicians decided to upgrade their enthusiasm for the energy and the message of the band Rage Against the Machine by starting the first professional tribute band of Rage Against the Machine in Slovenia under the official name of Powerback. Their confident performance, visual detail and stage presence will persuade every concertgoer!