Rok Vilčnik–rokgre: Gušto goes on a pilgrimage – Poletje v Ankaranu

Rok Vilčnik–rokgre: Gušto goes on a pilgrimage

Friday, 16 August, at 8.30 pm - Valdoltra

A vintage comedy; Talija, creative laboratory, Performer: Primož Forte

The well-known Avguštin Rebula, also known as Gušto, a popular character from the beloved Slovenian romantic series Ena žlahtna štorija (A Spletndid Story)is back! The good-humoured Gušto returns to his idyllic home village to help raise money for a high school in Madagascar, but he stumbles upon a very different world than that calm village he had left a few months ago.

The splendid Primož Forte will serve up a big serving of humour and moving moments on the stage when he unveils a range of stories and beloved characters and weaves them into a relaxed, comical whirlwind in his juicy story-telling style.