Michael A. Green: My Life with Alma Karlin – Poletje v Ankaranu

Michael A. Green: My Life with Alma Karlin

Friday, 2 August, at 8.30 pm - Valdoltra

Monodrama; Talija, creative laboratory, Performer: Barbara Vidovič

My Life with Alma Karlin is a historical-local study-travelogue monodrama about the life of two extraordinary, cosmopolitan women who were natives of Celje. This dramatized portrait of Alma Karlin is depicted through the eyes of German painter Thea Schreiber Gammelin, who moved to Celje in 1934 to share the fate of her “soul sister”. Thea’s tale tells the story of her life, as well as the life of Alma Maximiliana Karlin, her European lectures, her travels around the globe, their lives before, during and after World War II, and finally, Alma’s death and Thea’s artistic creation, life and work.