Klapa Semikantá and Aljaž Octet – Poletje v Ankaranu

Klapa Semikantá and Aljaž Octet

Friday, 30 August, at 8.30 pm - Adria Ankaran


The group Klapa Semikantá was formed in 2011 in Slovenian Istria and its name is slang for “I feel like singing”. The group brings together different generations and everyone is connected by their joy for singing and socializing. They are preparing new original songs for their first album that should come out in 2019 or early 2020.

The Aljaž Octet was founded in 2009. The group’s artistic leader is musician and baritone Matej Lazar.The group is also made up of first tenors FabjoTuljak and David Mittendorfer, second tenors Goran Markučič and Maks Bembič and basses Janko Rušt and Matjaž Kljun.