Istria Day – Poletje v Ankaranu

Istria Day

Saturday, 31 August, from 4 pm - Valdoltra

This will be done our way, the Istrian way. An aboundance of socializing possibilities, just like us Istrians, and culinary delights.The Valdoltra Beach will host numerous workshops: not just for children, but also for those with double-digit ages. Participate at almost forgotten kids’ games, observe traditional folk crafts. Makers od wine, cheese, olive oil, lavender products will be selling their wares ... There will be traditional Istrian refreshments - fritole and krostole (doughnuts), fritaja (egg omelettes), bobiči (corn stew), pršut (prosciutto) … All the best for the body! And in the evening? All the best for the spirit! Our cheeky Nataška Tič Ralijan will be using her original folksy humour to host the event. As for the music...