Evening from the bomb shelter – Poletje v Ankaranu

Evening from the bomb shelter

Saturday, 17 August, at 8 pm - Študent

Over the past few years, bomb shelters have become an incubator of creativity and sometimes, even revolutionary ideas. This is especially true of Ankaran, where two of the shelters are brimming with musical ideas and genres. All of the groups and bands that are allowed to use the shelter by the Municipality of Ankaran create original music in search of their musical expression. And, if spreading the music helps open the mind of society, so much the better. The bomb shelteris a temporary space, a rehearsal space, a space for experimentation. And the Student is the space for interacting with the audience. Mišični test resnice, Semi Pro, Chains, Sottomayor, Pakt, Svinjske tačke, Grafenberg und alkotesters, Slow Wawe e Meduzalem.